Technology Job Search

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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There's good news for anyone currently conducting a technology job search. Even as the economy continues to crawl along and all indicators trend downward, technology jobs are on the rise. The demand for programmers, application developers, computer engineers, database managers, and "front-end" designers is so strong that it outstrips even a steady stream of graduates who hold degrees in these fields.

You needn't even embark on a technology job search to come face to face with the exigencies of the tech field. Even so-called "support" personnel such as administrative assistants and secretaries are now expected to be, at the minimum, computer literate. While this doesn't necessarily mean advanced degrees and certificates, it does mean basic word-processing and spreadsheet skills, just for starters.

A More Advanced Technology Job Search

Those students and employees with core competencies in computer technology can often write their own tickets. For them, a technology job search isn't so much about which firms will hire them, but rather which firms they want to join. Ultimately, gearheads get to interview the tech firms instead of the other way around and compare their salaries, locations, job descriptions, and benefit packages.

For those people who don't have leading-edge tech firms banging down their doors, a traditional online job search will suffice. Usually, this starts with the applicant's declaration of his or her chosen field, be it coding, nanotechnology, physics, or what have you. All the major job posting boards are rife with want ads for tech "geeks" who can give firms a competitive edge in an already crowded field.

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