Telecommunications Job Searches

Written by James Lyons
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After the millennium, telecommunications companies took an enormous hit. Companies like AT&T, Cisco, Nortel, and Lucent Technologies all lost over 50 percent of their stock value. People working with AT&T for 40 years were losing their entire retirement funds because their money was tied up in AT&T stock. To make matters worse, these aforementioned companies were forced to lay off hundreds of thousands of workers all over the world.

In a matter of months, Lucent Technologies went from a $60 a share stock to a junk bond, less than $5 a share. Nortel and Cisco soon followed, although these companies did not experience quite the collapse that Lucent experienced. For a while, investors have been soiled on telecommunications companies.

Telecom on the Rebound

However, with the technological evolution of countries like China and India, telecommunications is starting to look more attractive than ever. Over half of the world's population lives in these two countries. This means a great deal of opportunity for those companies that land the contracts laying cable and connecting the communities. With no end in site, telecommunications job searches are suddenly on the rise again. The smart people want a piece of the action, and online job boards are a great place to find jobs and get in touch with hiring companies.

I worked in a giant telecom company for a couple of years right before it's collapse. The company is now experiencing a dramatic rebound largely because of possible international expansion. Friends of mine looking to work corporate finance have taken a keen interest in telecommunications companies. Those of you who work in sales, HR, engineering, and accounting might want to start taking a closer look at the telecom giants again.

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