Texas Job Sites

Written by James Lyons
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Texas used to be the state for cattle farmers, oil companies, and other energy companies. Energy and agriculture are the two industries that built this massive state. Different industries, however, are finding homes in the great state of Texas. In fact, one of the largest computer companies in the world, Dell Computer Corporation, is headquartered in Austin, Texas, one the greatest cities in the world.

Cities like Houston are still heavily supported by oil and gas. This industry is responsible for employing a significant percentage of Houstonians. Like Austin, however, other companies in vastly different industries have set up their headquarters in Houston. Compaq, one of the leading computer companies, is headquartered in Houston. Continental Airlines also calls Houston one of its homes.

Texas Job Sites Fill up

You can run a location search on many different job locator websites and come up with a pile of jobs in every major Texas city. It's still relatively cost effective for large corporations to set up subsidiaries in large Texas cities like Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio. These companies then have access to millions of consumers.

There are specific Texas job sites you can dig up if you want to stay in or move to Texas. TexasJobs.com is an effective site that offers many of the same features as larger, national sites. If you want to get more specialized, there are sites like TexasComputerJobs.com which lists openings in information technology companies like Dell Computer Corporation and Compaq. It is always recommended, however, that you sign up for as many job locator sites as you can.

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