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Written by James Lyons
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The top job sites on the Internet are, and Together, these job sites contain hundreds of thousands of open job stretching all over the world in over 23 countries. You will spend at least one-third of your adult life doing the job you choose to do. Most people out there end up settling for something that pays the bills but gives them no intrinsic value.

Hertzberg, a renowned motivational and organizations theorist, asserted that a job's intrinsic value is the source of real motivation. Hertzberg asked employees about instances when they felt pleased with their work. He uncovered that the primary determinants of job satisfaction were recognition, achievement, responsibility in the work itself, and potential for advancement. These intrinsic factors were the key to motivation.

What Hertzberg Found

Instead of doing everything to maximize the intrinsic factors, most companies did everything to minimize what Hertzberg called the "hygiene factors." The hygiene factors include company policy and administration, salary, management, interpersonal relationships and working conditions. Now, if these things do not meet the minimum expectations of the employee, he or she will be dissatisfied.

Knowing this, most company executives and managers focused on curtailing the hygiene factors. The paradox is that meeting these factors does not create satisfaction; it only prevents dissatisfaction. To truly motivate an employee, the employee has to find something inspiring in the work, something in the work itself that propels them forward every day. The top job sites on the Internet today have taken some of that onus off managers and put it on job seekers because they now have the power to find jobs that are intrinsically rewarding, especially with the advanced search features and the availability of industry specific job sites.

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