Travel Nurse Jobs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Travel nurse jobs are especially appealing to those medical practitioners with a sense of wanderlust. One of the main drawbacks of ordinary physician jobs is the tether they place on providers. Unless you're a military doctor, sports medicine provider, or a member of Doctors Without Borders, it can be hard to find positions that allow for a change of scenery.

One exception to this is the lecture circuit, which affords doctors and nurses the chance to travel the globe and share their research findings and other knowledge with students. There are also many doctors who get out of medicine and decide to write books. Conducting a nationwide book tour to support your literary endeavor is another fine way of seeing the country via the medical profession.

What Travel Nurse Jobs Offer

With travel nurse jobs, you agree to work for a research facility or teaching hospital, then go wherever your company takes you. You're still dedicated to providing outstanding critical care, long-term assistance, and, in some instances, teaching duties, but you're also encouraged to travel and explore new parts of the country. You may, through your travels, even decide that a particular corner of the globe appeals to you and resolve to make that nook your full-time home once your traveling job concludes.

As an added benefit, travel nurse jobs typically pay higher rates than regular nurse jobs since the demand for mobility is greater. You can usually find residencies that cover benefits such as a 401(k), health and dental plan, and retirement fund as well. Put it all together, and you have a highly desirable career that lets you build outstanding credentials while literally expanding your vistas.

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