Air Travel Nurses

Written by Sierra Rein
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An air travel nurse can be hired to attend the elderly, sick, or disabled while traveling on a business or vacation flight. He or she can be paid just for the duration of the flight itself or given extra to continue the work through the rest of the trip. Even if the patient's family is also aboard, an air travel nurse can still be a welcome addition to the group.

Air travel nurses must be knowledgeable of all the effects a plane flight has on the human body. This includes air pressure, turbulence, oxygen and light deficiencies, claustrophobia, dehydration, and the medical hazards of traveling while ill. Individuals who are pregnant, who have blood disorders, or who recently went through surgery should be especially careful during a long air flight.

An air travel nurse can also be instrumental in setting up special seating areas on the plane (especially for handicapped or wheelchair-bound passengers) and asking ahead of time for special meals. She can be on hand to administer medications at the appropriate times, even when time zones threaten to confuse the issue. Since companionship is often a deciding factor amongst the physically weak and vulnerable, an air travel nurse can also provide someone to talk to and engage with through the long hours.

Air Travel Nurses with Their Own Transportation

Some air travel nurses can be hired as part of a medical air transportation charter group. These nurses can accompany high-risk individuals who need immediate medical care while they travel to a special or unique hospital. They will do so in fully equipped air jets or helicopters built to handle most major medical emergencies.

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