California Nursing Jobs

Written by Jill Morrison
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California nursing jobs are very desirable because California is such a beautiful place to live. The weather is great year-round and there re many wonderful places to visit such as the beaches and attractions such as Disneyland and Sea World. Many individuals do not mind relocating to California for nursing jobs.

Since California is a desirable location to live, jobs can be hard to find. Luckily, there is a shortage of nursing staff in healthcare, so California nursing jobs are currently plentiful. With the need for more nurses, many hospitals and health clinics are offering nurses better pay and benefits, and incentives such as cash signing bonuses. So, the nursing industry is currently a great profession to become involved with.

Characteristics of California Nursing Jobs

There are many different types of California nursing jobs. Job positions include registered nurses, nurse practitioners, nursing assistants, home health aides, licensed practical nurses, and travel nurses. You can choose to work in a hospital, emergency medical center, surgical center, health clinic, camp, or nursing home. Most jobs are full-time, but some part-time travel nursing positions are available as well.

The CNA, or California Nurses Association, is a progressive California union that you can join when working in California. The CNA represents over 57,000 registered nurses and continues to grow rapidly. Joining the CAN will allow you stand against corporatization of health care, advocate for patients, and protect the nursing practice.

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