Camp Nursing

Written by Jill Morrison
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Camp nursing is a temporary nursing job that takes place at summer camps or other types of camps. These positions are perfect for nurses who enjoy traveling, nature, and outdoor activities. They also give nurses an opportunity to provide health care to children with diverse backgrounds.

ACN is the Association of Camp Nurses and it is an organization that promotes camp nursing for a more healthy camp community. The organization was founded in the 1980s by Jeanne Otto and was restructured as a not-for-profit organization in 1990. According to ACN, over five million children attend summer camps each year. Many of these camps lacked nurses and nurses continue to be needed each year.

Benefits of Camp Nursing

Camp nurse positions are especially alluring if you enjoy working with children. There are many different types of camps to choose from, including day camps, residential camps, year-round camps, seasonal camps, church camps, specialized activity camps, and sporting or adventure camps. The camp that you choose will depend on your style of nursing, interests, health care philosophy, schedule availability, and expectations of salary and benefits.

The most successful camp nurse enjoys being part of a team and has a true appreciation for working at a camp. Because you will be working with staff and camp directors during a nursing job, you should also consider how well you get along with the staff before accepting a job. If you find a camp that focuses on activities and philosophies that interest you, chances are the staff will share your views on health care for this particular camp. There are many camp nursing positions available. You simply have to find the job that suits you best.

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