Chicago Nursing Jobs

Written by Jill Morrison
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Chicago nursing jobs allow nurses to enjoy the city life of Chicago, while working in a great profession. There are currently many job opportunities for nurses due to the shortage in nursing staff across the country. This shortage was caused by a number of factors, including job burnout. Fortunately, agencies, hospitals, and clinics are constantly improving working conditions for nurses to correct this problem. Now is a good time to get into the nursing industry and take advantage of these new opportunities.

Options in Chicago Nursing Jobs

Many hospitals and health clinics are offering nurses better pay and benefits so more people will accept Chicago nursing jobs. Some hospitals will offer signing bonuses as well, such as paid vacations, or large amounts of cash. Short-term positions, such as travel nurse positions, have emerged to make the working environment more interesting and to allow nurses to travel for each job assignment.

Travel nursing assignments typically last about 8-13 weeks. Some may last up to 26 weeks, depending on the agency and healthcare employer involved. Travel nursing jobs allow nurses to live in free, furnished Chicago housing during their assignment. This can be a great way to experience city life for a while and to decide if you would like to live in Chicago permanently. Many full-time Chicago nursing jobs are open for nurses who prefer a more stable living and working environment.

If you accept a nursing job in Chicago, you can become a member of the INA, Illinois Nurses Association. This association was established nearly 100 years ago and constantly addresses issues in nursing. The purpose of the INA is to improve health standards for patients, promote high standards for nursing practice, and to stimulate the professional development of nurses.

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