Florida Nursing Jobs

Written by Jill Morrison
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Florida nursing jobs are very desirable for nurses because Florida is a beautiful place to live. Many individuals do not mind relocating for a chance to live and work in Florida. Because Florida has beautiful weather, beaches and attractions, it can be difficult to find jobs there. However, because of the shortage in healthcare nursing staff across the country, nursing jobs have become plentiful.

Characteristics of Florida Nursing Jobs

While jobs are plentiful in the nursing industry, it would be wise to accept a position in a desirable location, such as Florida. Florida nursing jobs can be part-time or full-time. Most positions are full-time with the exception of travel and camp nursing positions. Travel and camp nursing allow nurse to receive high pay and benefits, to travel, work on short-term assignments and enjoy free housing.

There are many different types of Florida nursing jobs. You can choose from positions such as registered nurses, nurse practitioners, nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses, and home health aides. Positions are available in hospitals, clinics, camps, nursing homes, emergency medical center, and surgical centers. You can also work as a nurse who visits homes to provide patient care.

The FNA, or Florida Nurses Association can be joined if you have a position as a nurse in Florida. The association acts as a resource for nurses and nursing students, and strives to achieve association goals. The three main goals of the FNA are to promote high standards in nursing practice, to promote educational advancement, and to promote the welfare of nurses in Florida.

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