International Travel Nurses

Written by Sierra Rein
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International travel nurses are invaluable members of the worldwide medical community. They are usually hired to accompany a sick or disabled person while he or she is traveling from one country to another, even for the purpose of a vacation. Some international nurses work only from one travel destination to the other, while others accompany their wards throughout the entire trip.

An international travel nurse serves as both a medical assistant and as an interpreter in a foreign country. Many travel nurses are chosen based on their multilingual skills as well as their knowledge of the human body. By understanding the local language, the nurse can ask for travel directions, get information about medical facilities in the area, and find medications and supplies quickly in case of an accident or emergency.

On the other hand, some international travel nurses are hired to travel from other countries in order to share their individual expertise with their foreign neighbors. Hospitals and research facilities often hire travel nurses to teach their medical staffs how to perform any brand new procedures already perfected in other countries. This hands-on method of disseminating information is one way the medical profession stays fresh, up to date, and in tune with the medical breakthroughs of the year.

Requirements for International Travel Nurses

An international travel nurse must have a valid passport to work in foreign countries. In many cases, he or she must also obtain a work visa to perform medical duties over a long period of time. He or she needs to have access to international flights within his or her local area and have the permission from the government to travel to a foreign land. It is best to find a travel nurse who has experience in the country of choice, it is especially helpful if she is a native of the land and has previous professional and personal contacts already in place.

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