Jobs For Nursing Assistants

Written by Jill Morrison
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Because of the shortage in nursing staff in the medical industry, there are many available jobs for nursing assistants. Nursing assistants require less training and experience than registered nurses or nurse practitioners. They are often supervised by RNs or doctors in the process of providing health care to patients.

Types of Jobs for Nursing Assistants

There are many different jobs for nursing assistants in the medical industry. Nursing assistants are needed in hospitals, health clinics, nursing homes, camps, and medical centers. Psychiatric assistants are also needed for working with psychiatrists, social workers, therapists and psychologists. Nursing assistants are helpful in many areas of health care.

You can receive greater benefits and knowledge by obtaining a license or certification as a nursing assistant. Certified nursing assistants, or CNAs, provide basic bedside care and services to patients. Licensed practical nurses, or LPNs, provide basic bedside care as well and work under the supervision of a RN or doctor. With your certification comes a greater responsibility to patients and the duties you perform.

You can find listings of jobs for nursing assistants easily by searching online. Some sites are dedicated entirely to listing job openings in health care. You can also check websites, call, or personally visit hospitals or health clinics for additional information. It is wise to be choosy when looking for jobs as a nursing assistant because there are so many options available.

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