Lpn Jobs

Written by Jill Morrison
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LPN jobs are a type of nursing position. LPN stands for licensed practical nurse. They provide basic bedside care under the supervision of a doctor, nurse practitioner, or registered nurse. They may also be known as LVNs, or licensed vocational nurses.

Requirements for LPN Jobs

A LPN is responsible for taking vital signs including pulse, respiration, blood pressure, and temperature. They observe patients and report issues or reactions to supervisors as they occur. LPNs may also be required to apply dressings, give alcohol rubs, give massages, apply ice packs, insert catheters, and give injections to patients. They are responsible for treating all rehabilitation diagnoses as well.

There are a few requirements needed for obtaining an LPN position. You must first graduate from an accredited school of nursing. It is also helpful to have some previous experience in nursing or other medical areas. Full-time LPN jobs are readily available at many hospitals and health clinics. Travel nursing jobs are also available and offer more flexibility with your job.

Travel nursing LPN jobs are sweeping the nation. They allow you to work on many different short-term assignments instead of working full-time in one location. Benefits include higher pay, free housing, more flexibility and the opportunity to travel. Travel nursing agencies also offer dental and medical insurance, workers compensation, and retirement plans, so they are very desirable.

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