Lpn Nursing Jobs

Written by Jill Morrison
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LPN nursing jobs are a certain type of position in the medical field. LPN stands for licensed practical nurse. They may also be known as LVNs, or licensed vocational nurses. LPNs provide basic bedside care under the supervision of a doctor, nurse practitioner, or RN.

Features of LPN Nursing Jobs

Full-time LPN nursing jobs are readily available. In fact there is a shortage of available nursing staff in the industry, so nursing is a great profession to enter. Many hospitals and health clinics will offer incentives such as signing bonuses to attract LPNs as well. With the development of travel nursing agencies, LPNs have even greater options for better pay and benefits in the nursing industry.

LPN nursing jobs are available for all different types of nurses. If you prefer to stay in one location, you can accept a position at any hospital or health clinic. If you would like more independence and flexibility with your job, you may want to consider a travel nursing position. Travel nurses have many short-term nursing assignments in different locations. The position is desirable because it pays well, offers great employee benefits, allows you to travel, can provide more variety in you life and workplace, and housing is free.

LPNs are responsible for treating all rehabilitation diagnoses. They report to and collaborate with supervisors in treating patients. LPNs often take vital signs such as pulse, temperature, blood pressure, and respiration. They may also be required to give injections, apply ice packs, give massages, insert catheters, and apply dressings on patients.

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