Nurse Jobs

Written by Jill Morrison
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Nurse jobs are plentiful and can be found in various locations across the country. While most other industries are suffering in terms of job openings, nursing is thriving. The main cause of the many available nurse jobs is actually a nationwide shortage in nurse staff. The shortage was caused by a number of factors, including job burnout, low salaries, and poor working conditions for nurses.

Fortunately, due to the shortage in nurse jobs, many advancements and opportunities have developed for nurses. Improvements in pay, benefits, and job requirements have been made to entice nurses to join and stay in the industry. Some hospitals and clinics are even offering signing bonuses to new nurses, such as large amounts of cash and paid vacations. Now is a great time to enter the profession of nursing and to take advantage of the improvements.

Types of Available Nurse Jobs

There are many different types of nurse jobs to choose from. Some require more schooling and experience in nursing than others. A nursing assistant is a good starting position in the industry. To become a registered nurse you will need a diploma, bachelor's degree and an associate degree. Some experience in the nursing industry is always helpful for finding good nurse jobs.

LPN, or licensed practical nurse, is a specific type of nursing position. They may also be known as LVN jobs, and LVN stands for licensed vocational nurse. LVN and LPN jobs require that nurses provide basic bedside care to patients, under the supervision of a doctor, registered nurse, or nurse practitioner. They take vital signs, give injections, apply dressings, apply ice packs, treat skin conditions, give massages and rubs, and insert catheters as well.

Hospital jobs are always available for nurses. Most nurses on staff at hospitals provide basic beside care, or supervise LPNs, nursing aides, and nursing assistants. They may specialize in areas such as surgery, pediatrics, maternity, cancer treatment, emergency room, and intensive care.

Travel Nurse Jobs

Travel nursing is one of the greatest solutions for increasing the amount of nurses in the healthcare industry. Travel nurses are required to travel to different locations for various short-term assignments. These positions are desirable for nurses who enjoy traveling and do not mind relocating. They pay well, offer great employee benefits, and provide free housing for nurses.

Many nurses prefer a more stable environment and seek full-time positions, rather than travel nursing positions. Full-time employees may have families to look after, or do not desire to go through the hassle of relocating for each position. However, relocation is not much of an issue in travel nursing because housing is free and can be furnished. So, nurses will not need to worry about moving all of their furniture and belongings for each assignment.

Nursing Job Search Options

When searching for nurse jobs, there are many resources to consider. Of course, you can contact hospitals or clinics personally to discover job openings. Perhaps the best tool for finding a nursing job is the Internet. Many hospitals will post job openings on their websites. There are also countless sites available that list job opportunities in the healthcare industry.

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