Nurse Recruiting

Written by Jill Morrison
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Nurse recruiting is in effect because there is currently a shortage in nursing staff for health care. Pay and employee benefits have improved as a tool for luring nurses to open positions. In addition to recruitment by hospitals and health clinics, many recruiting services or agencies have emerged to help in solving this crisis.

Types of Nurse Recruiting

Nurse recruiting is taking place all over the country. Hospitals and health clinics are using new tools to recruit nurses. Many offer incentives such as cash gifts or paid vacations as signing bonuses. Employee benefits have been improved in most hospitals and pay rates are more likely to be negotiated because of the shortage in nurses.

One of the most effective tools in nurse recruiting is the development of travel nursing agencies. Travel nursing allows nurses to travel to different locations and to work on various short-term assignments. This solves the problem of job burnout which has been one of the contributing factors to the shortage of nurses. Travel nursing is also desirable because it pays well and housing for nurses is free.

Many websites have been created as a tool for recruiting nurses. Certain websites are dedicated to listing job openings in the nursing industry and in related categories. Because there are some many available jobs, you can be picky with the position you choose. It is quite easy to search for the best positions online. Many hospitals and health clinics will list job openings on their websites as well.

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