Nursing Jobs

Written by Jill Morrison
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There are currently many nursing jobs available, due to the shortage of nurse staff in the medical field. Because of this shortage, hospitals and health clinics are offering more benefits to new employees such as higher pay and signing bonuses. Signing bonuses can be as extravagant as paid vacations, massage or health spa gift certificates, and cash gifts up to $10,000.

Types of Nursing Jobs

There are many types of nursing jobs to choose from. Some types include hospital jobs, office jobs, travel nurse jobs, and nursing home jobs. Hospitals employ nurses that specialize in areas such as maternity, pediatrics, surgery, cancer treatment, emergency room, and intensive care. Office jobs include nurse staff for clinics, emergency medical centers, surgical centers and physicians' offices.

Travel nursing jobs are currently very desirable because they pay well and offer great employee benefits. They are best suited to nurses who enjoy traveling and the variety of performing various short assignments. Nursing home jobs allow nurses to care for the elderly in nursing homes and sometimes in their own home. These nurses must be very skilled and must have experience in supervising nurse aides as well.

When deciding on a nursing job, there are many considerations to make. You can choose a position as a travel nurse if you do not mind part-time work and relocating often. Some prefer full-time work so they can stay in one location. Regardless of the type of nursing position you desire, you will have many choice in available positions. Many job opportunities can be found quickly and conveniently by searching online.

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