Psychiatric Travel Nurses

Written by Sierra Rein
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Psychiatric travel nurses are unique and hold a great deal of responsibility. It is their job to accompany traveling individuals who may pose a threat to themselves or others due to acute and chronic mental illnesses, personality and mood disorders, neuroses, and psychoses due to substance abuse problems and medications. These nurses must be able to intervene emotionally and physically in any mental explosion or implosion, and be on hand to administer medications and emergency procedures in case a suicidal or violent outburst occurs.

A travel nurse with this challenge must be able to recognize warning signs in his or her ward, and know how to handle emergency psychiatric situations. It is a good idea to give the travel nurse plenty of time to get to know his patient ahead of time. Of course, the patient's mental and physical histories must also be offered without shame or concern.

Anyone interested in becoming a psychiatric travel nurse must know that the job requires certain desirable skills. A psychiatric nurse must be observant, communicative, understanding, patient, and should have a large amount of psychological and physical stamina. He or she must also be knowledgeable of medical and surgical skills and have a level head in emergency situations.

Dangers in Hiring Non-Registered or Unchecked Psychiatric Travel Nurses

As in all professions, there are some travel nurses who might take advantage of their patients for their own personal gains. They may use the patient's psychosis to collect undeserved payments or cause even further bouts of emotional or mental anguish just to stay hired. It is extremely important that the family member or doctor in charge take time to screen the histories of any potential nurses and hold interview sessions to make sure their loved one will be taken care of, not taken advantage of.

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