Rn Jobs

Written by Jill Morrison
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Registered Nurses (RNs) are considered to be the largest healthcare occupation with over 2 million jobs. RN jobs are readily available because of the shortage in nursing staff in health care. Registered nurses have greater responsibilities than nursing assistants or aides. They provide basic bedside care, help patients to cope, manage nursing care plans, record symptoms, and also collaborate with the doctor assigned to each patient.

Options in RN Jobs

RN jobs are plentiful, but there are a few basic requirements that must be completed before you can become a registered nurse. You need three educational accomplishments, and they are: a diploma, a bachelor's degree, and an associate degree. Without completing these requirements, you will not be able to find a job as a registered nurse.

The tasks of registered nurses are governed by state laws. However, the work setting where a RN is employed will determine daily duties. Most of the RN jobs available are full-time positions at a hospital or clinic. However, there are part-time, travel nursing positions available as well. A full-time position provides a stable situation and allows the RN to stay in one location.

Travel nursing is a job that allows nurses to travel and have more independence in their work. RNs travel to different locations and perform various short-term assignments. This job is perfect for RNs who enjoy traveling, variety in the workplace, and don't mind relocating. Travel nursing is desirable because it pays well, offers great benefits, and housing is furnished and free.

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