Travel Nurse Companies

Written by Sierra Rein
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The purpose of a travel nurse company is to act as a temporary or permanent staffing agency. It is the company's job to scan hospital job ads and call around to find appointments to fill, or to collect requests for nurse applications directly from a medical client. The company must also have on hand a database of possible travel nurses to pick through once an appropriate job description arises.

Most travel nurse companies will never give out any guarantee that a nurse will be hired, or that a specific job will be filled. Nurses with more flexible schedules are more likely to be sent out for temporary work (lasting 13 to 20 weeks or less) than nurses who can only work during certain periods of the year. Travel nurse recruitment agencies will look for individuals who can leave at a moment's notice (even for foreign destinations) and who can extend their stay longer, if necessary.

To make it easier on the nurses registered through them, many travel nurse companies have created online forums and job posting websites. An online application is first filled out and a personal username and password set up. Nurses can use their online membership to apply for jobs, post questions and concerns on community forums, and contact their recruitment officer if the currently assigned boss requests an extension of the work or even permanent employment.

Travel Nurse Companies Should Provide 24-Hour Support

Professional travel nurse companies understand that the medical profession can be stressful, and that nurses should have a safe and considerate source to voice their concerns. A travel nurse company should have a 24 hour service line available at all times to call in case a professional question or personal emergency comes up. This is especially useful if the nurse has reason to believe the medical facility he or she is working for is plagued with ethical problems that may affect the health and well being of its patients.

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