Travel Nurse Employment

Written by Sierra Rein
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The good news is that demand is on the rise for qualified, professional travel nurses. They are more likely to be paid higher wages than regular nurses, and will often have the chance to visit locations all over the country (or even the world). Of course, those who do not like to travel should probably not pursue a job as a travel nurse; however, many people enjoy the flexibility of being employed as a travel nurse and appreciate the benefits of such a job.

In most cases, a travel nurse is contracted out by a central recruitment agency. This agency takes on the job of coordinating the details with the hospital or individual client and then contacting the best travel nurse for the job description. Some travel nurses are better suited for staffing positions in hospitals and medical facilities, while others are proficient in the task of accompanying a high-risk individual while he is on his way to a vacation spot or specialized surgeon.

In addition to a set hourly pay (which can range from 20 to 40 dollars an hour), a travel nurse will usually be given money for travel expenses, airplane tickets, and staffing accommodation near the workplace destination. If the assignment is expected to last up to a year or more, the travel nurse is typically allocated a relocation stipend to pay for moving costs. Most travel nurse employment opportunities come with benefit packages that include full medical, dental, and insurance coverage while performing the duties of the job description.

Achieving Travel Nurse Employment

One must first gather the skills and education necessary to be a registered nurse before applying to a medical travel agency. Certified nurses can then fill out an application form, detailing experience, education, and any specialties that are more suited for certain jobs than others. Once this information is collected, a recruiter will call each nurse to discuss available job openings, starting dates, and location options. The nurses can then accept or decline the jobs based on their personal preference.

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