Travel Nurse Salaries

Written by Sierra Rein
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Most travel nurse salaries are based on a number of different variables. The first set includes the level of experience, education, and whether the nurse in question has any specialized skills. Those who have many years under their belts, or who know how to take care of the extremely ill or mentally challenged, are more likely to charge higher salaries.

Another variable is the location of the nurse's home base and how far he or she must travel to complete the job description. In cases of long distance air travel, most travel nurse salaries include a housing stipend for a hotel room in case the trip requires a layover before the trip back. In addition, a travel nurse might also set an overtime fee rate (either per hour or per day), just in case the trip takes longer than expected, or if the travel party wishes to lengthen their stay a few days more.

The average salary for a travel nurse lies between $24 and $35 per hour. Some nurses can be hired through a hospital or medical staffing service in much the same way as an office staffing agency. Others prefer to work as an independent business entity and do their own marketing through personal contacts and freelance work.

Trends in Travel Nurse Salaries for the Future

As the demand for qualified travel nurses goes up, so has the average for travel nurse salaries. Hospitals, airlines, and personal medical transportation companies are now more likely than ever to offer travel nurses competitive hourly wages as well as full benefit packages. In addition, more certified travel nurses have average annual incomes that are $10,000 higher than nurses who are not certified.

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