Travel Nurse Services

Written by Sierra Rein
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Companies specializing in travel nurse services have one goal and one goal only: to provide their clients with qualified, competent travel nurses to help their trip be as safe and comfortable as possible. They should be able to offer nursing assignments for one day, one week, or several months, depending on the patient's needs. It is up to them to match clients with the best nurses on their staffing lists and to coordinate all the logistics involved in the process.

Some travel nurse services deal with the simplest of demands, like administering medication to an elderly man or simply making sure a pregnant woman is comfortable and safe throughout the flight. Others require the recruitment of nurses with special skills and knowledge. For example, a young child or teenager with a history of physical or substance abuse may need a psychiatric travel nurse on hand, especially if suicidal tendencies have been observed in the past.

One of the greatest challenges facing hospitals and other medical facilities is dealing with staff shortages, especially when it comes to qualified nurses. Many travel nurse services specialize in part time staffing solutions for healthcare organizations that need temporary nurses for an extended period of time. Experienced travel nurses can be hired to fly to the new location and work for a set number of days, weeks, or even months, as long as proper insurance and housing is provided.

Interested in Joining a Travel Nurse Service?

Although the job requires long hours and attention to detail, many registered and certified nurses are becoming more and more interested in becoming travel nurses. There are many travel nurse services throughout the United States, and in many parts of the globe, which can provide extra training and placement opportunities for qualified individuals. Even medical students can look into the possibility of becoming a travel nurse ahead of time, whether it is for part time assignments during the year or making medical travel a full-time specialty.

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