Travel Nursing

Written by Jill Morrison
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Travel nursing is a great job for nurses who enjoy traveling and variety in their work experience. A travel nurse is contracted through an agency and works on many different short-term assignments in different locations. There are many benefits in accepting a travel nurse position, including the ability to work independently, job flexibility, opportunity to travel, and great benefits.

Benefits of Travel Nursing

Travel nursing positions have helped to rescue health care clinics and hospitals from the nursing shortage that is currently underway. A travel nurse will usually accept a job where nursing staff is urgently needed. This can be very fulfilling for nurses because you will know that you are appreciated, you will experience the joys of teamwork, and you will likely receive great pay rewards for your participation.

One major concern in accepting a job as a travel nurse is the relocation aspect. The benefit of this position is that housing is often free. Many nurses are provided with nice, furnished homes or apartments, so they do not have to worry about moving all of their belongings. Sometimes, agencies will give you a housing allowance so you can find the housing of your choice. Many agencies will pay for your travel expenses as well.

Travel nursing is most desirable because the pay is above average for nursing. An above average salary in combination with free housing will allow you to make a good amount of money as a nurse. Benefits for travel nurses are also exciting. Most agencies will provide travel nurses with workers compensation, dental and health insurance. Some will also have 401 K retirement plans.

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