Travel Nursing California

Written by Jill Morrison
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Travel nursing California is currently a very desirable type of position for nurses. Travel nursing is part-time work that allows a nurse to travel to various locations to perform assignments. Assignments in California are desirable because California is such a beautiful place to live. With the consistently beautiful weather and sandy beaches, nurses enjoy working on assignments in California.

Travel Nursing California Characteristics

Travel nursing California is perfect for nurses who enjoy traveling, long for excitement in their work, and who don't mind relocating. Relocating may not be that difficult, however. Most travel nursing agencies will provide nurses with free housing or a housing allowance so nurses can choose their own place to live. Housing can be furnished as well, so nurses do not need to worry about moving all their furniture and belongings with each assignment.

Travel nursing California is also desirable because the pay is great and many employee benefits are offered. Most agencies will provide health and dental insurance, a retirement plan, and workers compensation. With the great benefits, high pay, and free housing, nurses can make a lot of extra money that they wouldn't normally have. It is nice to have extra money as a travel nurse so you can spend money on your excursion to see the sights of your assignment location in California.

Travel nursing assignments in California may vary in length. They vary according to the agency you are involved with and the healthcare employer. A typical assignment lasts 8-13 weeks. However, assignments can be as long as 26 weeks in some cases. If you enjoy working in one particular location, you may be able to acquire a full-time position from your experience in California as well.

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