Travel Nursing Florida

Written by Jill Morrison
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Travel nursing Florida is a desirable type of job for many nurses. Travel nursing allows nurses to work part-time and travel to different locations for assignments. Travel nursing Florida is desirable because the weather and atmosphere in Florida is beautiful. With travel nursing, nurses can enjoy the excitement of short assignments and also enjoy a vacation to Florida.

Travel Nursing Florida Characteristics

Travel nursing Florida assignments may vary in length. Most assignments will last between 8 and 13 weeks. Yet, some assignments will go as long as 26 weeks. Most nurses don't mind the extended length of some assignments if they are in a beautiful location, such as Florida.

Travel nursing is a great position for nurses who like to travel and have some flexibility. The position is not for everyone. Nurses with families, or nurses who prefer a stable working environment in one location may not be suited for travel nursing in Florida. If you do not mind relocating, travel nursing can be a wonderful experience. Relocation is also not so difficult because housing is free for nurses and may be furnished so nurses do not have to worry about moving furniture with every assignment.

Travel nursing in Florida is most desirable because the pay and benefits are excellent. Nurses will receive health and dental insurance, a retirement plan, and workers compensation from most travel nursing agencies. With free housing, high pay, and the ability to see the sights of Florida, travel nursing in Florida can be a thrill for many nurses.

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