Types Of Nursing Jobs

Written by Jill Morrison
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There are many different types of nursing jobs and each one is rewarding in its own way. You can choose a full-time position in one hospital or health clinic if you prefer a stable position in one location. If you enjoy traveling and variety in the work place, you can choose a part-time position, such as travel nursing or camp nursing.

Various Types of Nursing Jobs

General types of nursing jobs include RN, LPN, nursing assistant, or nurse practitioner positions. RN stands for registered nurse and LPN stands for licensed practical nurse. LPN nurses are also known as LVN, or licensed vocational nurses. LPN and LVN nurses provide basic beside care under the supervision of a doctor, RN, or nurse practitioner.

Hospital, office, and nursing home nurses are types of full-time nursing jobs. Most hospital jobs are for nurses that provide basic bedside care. They may specialize in areas such as pediatrics, maternity, surgery, intensive care, emergency room, or cancer treatment. Office jobs deal with patients in surgical centers, clinics, emergency medical centers and physicians' offices. Nursing home jobs assist in providing care for the elderly.

Travel nursing is considered to be one of the most popular types of nursing jobs. They are part-time positions that allow nurses to travel and work on short-term assignments. There are many benefits including higher pay, free housing and great employee benefits. Travel nurses can be used in many hospitals, health clinics, and also at camps.

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