American Nannies

Written by Amy Hall
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American nannies are generally more expensive to hire than foreign nannies. The reason is that the majority of American nannies have a valid driver's license, a college degree or at least some college courses, they are fluent in English, and they tend to have experience working with children. All of these factors influence nanny salaries, and the more qualifications a nanny has, the more she can charge.

Many families specifically seek out American nannies because they want someone who will be able to fit right in with their family, and handle the responsibilities of child care without any problems. In addition, American nannies don't have that communication barrier that nannies from other countries may have, which helps in terms of speaking with the children. Finally, most nannies have to drive the children to and from school, to extracurricular activities, and to play groups. Therefore, it becomes essential that the nanny have a valid driver's license with a clean driving record.

American Nannies Wanted

Generally speaking, American nannies tend to not have difficulty finding nanny jobs. This is especially true if the nanny has a college degree, and a background in child development. A college educated nanny with extensive experience in child care, can make a very good living taking care of children.

In fact, in metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Dallas, Houston, and San Diego, full-time, college educated nannies can make $800 a week and higher. This is obviously very appealing to many nannies who want to make a career out of child care, but also want to earn a good salary. There are some excellent sites on the Internet that further discuss nannies jobs, as well as give tips on how to find a good nanny.

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