Houston Nannies

Written by Amy Hall
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Many Houston nannies use online sites to post their resumes and personal profiles. The Internet provides a great medium to advertise oneself, so to speak, for nanny jobs in the United States, or more specifically in Houston. The Internet also allows families who are looking to hire a nanny, a great tool for conducting a search.

Houston nannies, like nannies in other big metropolitan areas, tend to have higher salaries than nannies in more rural parts of the country. A college-educated nanny who has several years of experience in child care may command as much as $800 or even more per week for a full-time position. This may seem high, but in actuality it is the going rate in big cities across America.

Top Notch Houston Nannies

While it may seem that Houston nannies are far too expensive, it is important to realize that a good nanny becomes an invaluable part of the extended family. If you have small children, and you need a warm, loving, intelligent, and responsible individual to care for your children, you probably want to spend more to get a person who possesses all of these traits. Likewise, a nanny who feels she is appreciated both personally and professionally, will strive to do a good job and infuse herself into the family dynamics.

Sure, it can cost a lot of money to hire Houston nannies, but there are alternatives to this dilemma. You may want to consider hiring an au pair, who will live in your home and take care of your children in exchange for a small weekly salary, room and board, and a car to drive. You will probably have to come up with a higher placement fee in the beginning, but the weekly salaries for au pairs are considerably less than for American nannies.

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