Live In Nannies

Written by Amy Hall
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Live in nannies are a wonderful option for families with small children who need a caregiver who can perhaps work irregular hours. Some parents have very demanding work schedules that do not always run the typical nine-to-five workday. In cases like this, it can be desirable to hire a nanny who lives in the home and can work around a different schedule.

Nanny placement agencies can help parents find live in nannies, but the fees that go along with these services are not cheap. Parents who find a nanny through an agency can expect to pay fees from $1,500 and higher, depending on where they live in the country, and the policy of the particular agency they are using. For some families, this is not a problem, but for many families, the fees are too expensive.

Finding Live in Nannies without the Agency

If you need child care but are not able to pay the steep fees of a nanny agency, there are other viable alternatives that can help you with your search. There are some companies that basically operate totally online, and they bring families together with nannies. Families can register with the company by signing up and paying a fee, usually no more than $400, which allows them to view the resumes and personal profiles of nannies looking for a job.

Parents who are looking specifically for live in nannies can make contact via the phone or by email, to set up interviews with prospective candidates for the job. It is very important that parents meet the nanny in person if at all possible, because phone conversations can be less personal than face-to-face contact. Live in nannies require their own separate sleeping quarters, as well as a bathroom. It is helpful if you can make your new nanny's living quarters as personal and warm as possible.

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