Nannies Wanted

Written by Amy Hall
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The advertisements for nannies wanted are in newspapers, online, and of course, found through nanny agencies. Families with small children are always looking to hire a nanny to help with the care of their children, even if it's only on a part time basis, or if it is just a summer position. In fact, ads for nannies wanted jump in the summertime, because school-aged children are out of school and need supervision while the parents work.

As long as people keep having children, the nannies wanted advertisements will keep coming. This is great news if you are looking for a nanny job and want to secure a position for yourself that pays good money and offers security. Most parents are thrilled to learn that the nanny they want to hire wants to stay for at least a year, maybe even longer. This brings continuity into the children's lives, which is always a good thing.

Nannies Wanted Everywhere

It used to be that only the very rich hired nannies to care for their children. This is not the case anymore, as many middle class families are opting for a nanny as opposed to daycare situations. There are flexible solutions to most family situations, and as a result, affording a nanny is more attainable than it used to be. For instance, some families share a nanny, and split the cost of her salary.

Other families hire an au pair, who comes to live with them and charges a much smaller salary in return for room and board, and the American experience. Finally, some families hire a nanny on a part-time basis, which helps to hold costs down considerably. If you need child care, and don't want to compromise on quality care, a nanny is often the best solution for working parents.

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