Nanny Agencies

Written by Amy Hall
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Nanny agencies usually handle a great deal of the responsibilities that go into bringing families and nannies together. Typically, a nanny agency places live-in nannies as well as live-out nannies, with families who need full-time care for their children. The agency will perform nanny background checks, as well check personal references. The agency will also set up interviews between families and nannies, and advise parents on what type of important questions they should ask during the interview process.

Nanny agencies are not cheap. If you are looking for a highly qualified nanny to care for your children and you want to use the help of a nanny agency, you can expect to pay a couple thousand dollars, and even more in some cases, for these services. If you simply do not have the budget for this type of service, there are other viable alternatives that will not set you back nearly as much.

Alternatives to Nanny Agencies

If you have established that you can't afford the services that nanny agencies provide, don't fret. What may work instead is an Internet nanny service that basically costs anywhere from $250 to about $400, which allows you to view their database for a specified amount of time. Basically, nannies post their personal profiles and resumes online, and families who pay the registration fee can view these profiles via the nanny service website.

You, as the parents, are in charge of personally contacting any nanny that you wish to speak with further about a job position in your home. All interviews, background checks, and follow-up phone calls are handled by you and the nanny. Many families prefer this method of finding a nanny because it puts more control in their hands, and it doesn't require them to take out a second mortgage on the house, either.

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