Nanny Background Checks

Written by Amy Hall
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Nanny background checks are extremely important to families who are looking to hire a nanny to care for their children. Every parent wants to know that the person they select as their nanny has no criminal background, a clean driving record, and no prior arrests or convictions for sex crimes. This is why you can expect to be checked out if you put in your resume with numerous nanny agencies, or with some online companies.

Most nanny placement agencies conduct nanny background checks as part of their process. If you interview with a family, and you both mutually decide that the position will be offered and accepted, than a background check is done on you, using your social security number and drivers license number to run a trace. These background checks go back about seven years, so anything that happened during this time period will show up on a check.

The Importance of Nanny Background Checks

The reason that so many parents insist on nanny background checks is because some families have had to face the loss of a child due to a neglectful or abusive nanny. In these tragic cases, the nanny may have seemed to be warm and loving, as well as responsible and intelligent. But hidden videos have caught all too often nannies who physically abuse the children, or even neglect the children by napping in the middle of the day.

You can understand why parents want to know for certain that you have no prior criminal history, and that your driving record is clean. It can be very difficult for parents to hand over their children to someone else while they work. The background check is a way to put their minds at ease somewhat, which is good for everyone involved.

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