Nanny Classifieds

Written by Amy Hall
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Nanny classifieds are the old-school way that families used to find a nanny to care for their children. The problem is that this method of finding and hiring a nanny is somewhat outdated. Putting ads in the newspapers does not tend to yield the best results, so it is somewhat of a waste of time and expense.

What are the alternatives? Well, instead of using nanny classifieds, parents can either use nanny placement agencies to find ideal candidates for the job, or use online sites that hook up nannies with families. There is a tremendous difference in price, so one may not be as suitable as the other. Typically, nanny agencies charge rather large fees, ranging in price from $1,500 to over $3,600 in big metropolitan areas. Online sites only charge a fraction of the price, with fees generally not exceeding $400!

Nanny Classifieds Are Archaic

While nanny classifieds are by far the cheapest way to advertise for a nanny, they are also not very productive. When you place ads in the newspaper, you have no idea who is going to be calling your home. At least when you go through agencies or online sites, you can read through resumes and personal profiles to determine if you even want to interview that candidate.

Furthermore, online sites also provide many helpful tips for hiring a nanny, from nanny tax info to background checks to salary amounts. When you are looking for someone to care for your children, chances are you are worried that you will get a responsible and loving person. When you do your own research, conduct your own interviews, perform your own background checks, and call references yourself, you are likely to feel secure in your decision to hire a certain nanny for the job of taking care of your children.

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