Nanny Contract Info

Written by Amy Hall
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Many parents ask for nanny contract info when they hire a nanny to care for their children. It is always recommended that a written contract be drawn up prior to the nanny's start date, so that both parties are clear on what is expected. Too often, problems arise because a written contract is not in place, and questions over job description, overtime policies, hours, and wages occurs. This is never good because the end result could be that the nanny walks away from the job, leaving parents in a crisis.

In a nutshell, nanny contract info should include nanny job descriptions, nanny salary, overtime wages, benefits, sick days, vacation time, and guidelines for handling emergencies. When all the bases are covered in a contract, than there is little room for argument later on during the course of employment. Without the nanny contract, nannies may feel confused about what is expected of them, while parents may assume the nanny understands what they want.

Omit the Confusion: Learn the Facts about Nanny Contract Info

The best way to avoid possible confusion down the road, is to learn all you can about nanny contract info in the beginning. This goes for both sides. Nannies should insist upon a work agreement, and parents should agree to one so that everyone understands what is going on and how the job is to be handled.

One suggestion that may help is to agree to review the written work agreement in six months. When six months have passed, the parents and the nanny can have a meeting to discuss possible changes to the original agreement. This is always a good idea because it can give both parents and nannies to discuss in a calm manner things that may need to be altered, as well as things that should remain the same.

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