Nanny Interview Questions

Written by Amy Hall
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If you are looking to hire a nanny, chances are you are trying to think up some good nanny interview questions. Whenever you are looking to hire someone to care for your children, you obviously want to feel assured that the person you hire is dependable, warm, intelligent, and without any criminal background. There are a few ways to determine this, and the interview is one of them.

Aside from asking some very pertinent nanny interview questions, you may wish to perform a nanny background check that will determine whether the interviewee has a criminal record, as well as a blemished driving record. If the background check comes out clean, you would likely wish to arrange an interview where you can get to know the candidate better. Let's take a look at some very good interview questions that you could use when you meet with the nanny candidate.

Smart Nanny Interview Questions

Some parents ask sharp questions that require the nanny to really stop and think before she answers. You may wish to ask the nanny what her discipline philosophy is, as well as her position on time-outs, spanking, and verbal warnings. Another good question is to ask the nanny how she herself was raised. For instance, you could ask her if her parents were very strict, or if perhaps they were pretty liberal. Understanding how a person grew up can help you determine how they may interact with your children.

Another great question is to ask the nanny how she would handle an emergency situation. Find out if you would feel comfortable having this person in charge during your absence in the event of an emergency. Finally, ask questions about her knowledge of CPR, if she has any child development background, and if she would be willing to put in overtime or travel with the family on vacations. All of these nanny interview questions are important, as they will determine what kind of person the nanny is, and how well she handles difficult situations.

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