Nanny Jobs

Written by Amy Hall
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If you are looking for nanny jobs but are not sure how to find them, there are a few different ways to go about this task. One option is to register with some nanny agencies that act as the go-between for families trying to find qualified nannies. Usually, this requires that you either go to the agency in person for an interview and fill out an application, or you may have the option of posting your application and resume online if you live far away.

Some nanny placement agencies will charge you a fee to apply and keep your file active on their database. Typically this fee is not very large, but can add up if you apply with many agencies at one time. Finding nanny jobs in this fashion can be quicker than trying to find such jobs on your own.

Finding Great Nanny Jobs Online

Another way to find nanny jobs is to post your resume, application, and personal profile online with a company that brings nannies and families together via the Internet. This is not a nanny agency per se, but rather a company that initially brings the two sides together by posting nanny resumes online that families can browse through at their convenience. All interviews, phone conversations, background checks, etc., are handled by the family and the nanny. The online company merely provides the personal information on nannies and families, as well as lists the contact information of each. They do not actually arrange interviews, call nannies for follow-ups or advise parents about whom to choose for their nanny.

This type of service typically does not cost the nanny any money whatsoever. The families looking for a nanny usually have to pay a fee to register and use the database to find prospective nannies. If you are looking for nanny jobs, this may be the most convenient and cost-effective way to go about doing so.

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