Nanny Placement Agencies

Written by Amy Hall
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Nanny placement agencies essentially have two jobs. One is to recruit highly-qualified candidates who will be able to fill a wide assortment of nanny jobs. The other is to get families to register with them by paying a fee either upfront, or once a nanny is actually hired.

Nanny placement agencies really are the ringleader in this equation, as they bring both nannies and families together, based on personal profiles and nanny job descriptions. For instance, an agency would set up an interview with a family that was looking for a full-time live-out nanny, who has a college education and speaks fluent English, with a young woman who was looking for a live-out, full time nanny position, who has a college education and speaks fluent English. It is the agency's job to match up families with nannies that suit each other well.

Nanny Placement Agencies Aren't Cheap

There are also other services that nanny placement agencies provide. For instance, an agency will generally conduct nanny background checks to make sure a nanny applicant does not have a criminal record, or is not a sex offender. Agencies will also run a check with the Department of Motor Vehicles to make sure that the applicant does not have a poor driving record. This is important because nannies typically drive children to and from school, as well to other activities.

The fees for nanny agencies can be high, sometimes as high as two thousand dollars or even more in some cases. In places like Los Angeles, Manhattan, Boston, and Dallas, nanny salaries are quite high, and the corresponding agency fees are up there as well. If you want an agency that will do all the legwork for you, it will cost you some money. However, if you don't want to spend that much money, or you can't spend that much money, there are other cost-effective alternatives.

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