Nanny Positions

Written by Amy Hall
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Nanny positions are fewer than the number of candidates looking for work as nannies. Therefore, the competition to get a great job with a nice family is tough. There are things you can do that will give you an edge over some of the others in the same position as you. First, it helps to know what most families are looking for in a nanny.

Most nanny positions that you will interview for will require a few very basic things, and then some extras. American families want to hire a nanny who is warm, fun-loving and very responsible. Parents want to feel assured that you will give their children love and affection in their absence, while they are at work or traveling. Families are also well aware that it is not easy to find a nanny who is perfect in every way. However, you can come close by thinking ahead of the game.

Finding Good Nanny Positions

Aside from being a loving person, parents want a nanny who is dependable and can be trusted to do what they ask. It is also very beneficial if you have some schooling or even a college degree in early childhood education, as this demonstrates your intelligence and your understanding of how children grow and behave. Furthermore, if you have a certification in infant, child, and adult CPR, that will definitely earn you some bonus points during the interview process.

Last but not least, if you have a clean driving record, families are more apt to hire you than if you have a record of speeding tickets and/or accidents. Parents are entrusting you with their most precious valuables, their children, so you can understand why they are picky when choosing a nanny. There are some wonderful nanny positions out there. The trick is finding them and putting yourself ahead of the pack by possessing the know-how, skills, and personality that would make you a perfect nanny.

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