Nanny Salaries

Written by Amy Hall
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Nanny salaries vary according to several factors such as experience, age, education, as well as whether the nanny lives in the home or outside of the home. Families who hire a nanny to live in the home can pay anywhere from $300 a week up to $800 a week, depending on the region of the country, and the level of education that the nanny has. Live-out nannies can make anywhere from $275 a week to $800 a week, and even more in some cases.

When you consider nanny salaries, you must realize that you will pay much more than you would for a day care situation. The benefits of hiring a nanny are great, and many families are willing to pay the price to have a warm, intelligent, and responsible individual give their children tender loving care while they are at work. A nanny is able to give your child one-on-one attention, and therefore a bond built on trust and caring develops over time.

Can You Afford Nanny Salaries?

Only you know if you can afford a nanny. If your budget does not allow for a nanny, you may want to consider some other options. For instance, nanny agencies also make arrangements for mother's helpers, or even part-time nannies. This can be less expensive than a full-time nanny, but again, this type of arrangement might not work if both parents spend a great deal of time at the office.

Certainly, nanny salaries are not cheap. Therefore, you must really take into consideration what your budget will allow, and then go from there. A nanny can become a part of your family, and provide your child with the love and guidance he or she needs while you are at work. If you have questions about hiring a nanny, you can log onto the Internet and view many helpful sites that discuss this topic at great length.

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