New York Nannies

Written by Amy Hall
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New York nannies sure don't come cheap when you use nanny agencies to fill a position in your home. In fact, many Manhattan nanny placement agencies charge either 10-15 percent of the annual gross salary of the nanny you hire, or a one-time fee of $2,500-$3,500 to place a nanny in your home. That is obviously a lot of money that can be out of reach for many families.

Well, if you live in New York and you are looking into New York nannies, what are you to do if you can't afford these agency fees? Well, you can opt to pay a much smaller fee to use a web-based nanny company that essentially brings families and nannies together. Basically, you would pay a registration fee of $250-$400, to view the resumes and personal profiles of thousands of nannies looking for work in the state of New York.

The Best New York Nannies

When you use a site that allows you to view their database of nanny resumes, you are in charge of setting up interviews, checking references, doing nanny background checks, and setting up meetings with potential candidates. Some parents find that this method of finding a nanny is wonderful because they pick and choose whom they will call for an interview. If you want to control the whole situation from start to finish, using an online site may be the best way to go.

There are literally thousands of New York nannies looking for work. Some have a lot of experience and education, which will generally translate into a higher salary. Others may have a lot of experience, but no college degree, which may give you some leeway in terms of negotiating a salary. Remember, a nanny will not be a cheap proposition, which means you must take into account your budget before setting out on this path to finding a good nanny to take care of your children.

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