Educational Resources

Written by Tara Peris
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There are numerous educational resources available today, and the real challenge rests in matching the right program to the right child. Children differ in their specific needs, learning styles, and personalities, and these factors will influence the success of any educational program a great deal. It is essential to learn about the full range of options, and consult with your child's teacher before making your choice.

To be sure, your child's teacher is your single best educational resource. A good teacher can do just about anything. She can modify classroom curriculum as needed, and she can make learning fun. When necessary, she can also give referrals for outside assistance. She is the ideal candidate for a referral because of her firsthand knowledge of your child's learning style and academic needs.

Choosing the Right Educational Resources

In addition, you will want some guidance from your teacher simply to navigate the maze of educational resources that are out there today. From group-format math programs to private tutoring, there are countless ways to boost academic performance. You should learn about the various alternatives, and compare them not only based on price, but on results and reputation as well.

Along these lines, it always helps to talk to other parents. Ask what they have tried and which programs produced tangible results. Ask about negative experiences and programs to be avoided as well. These references coupled with assistance from your teacher will ensure that you find a program that will be useful to your child.

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