Montessori Albums

Written by Tara Peris
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Montessori albums are guidebooks that are designed to help teachers trained in Montessori methods refine their skills. Incorporating tips from world leaders in education theory and practice, these albums are invaluable to new teachers and veterans alike. They can be used to generate new classroom activities as well as to brush up on the basic principles of quality instruction.

Montessori teaching methods are praised the world over for their effectiveness. Indeed, Montessori schools are known not only for producing high-achieving students, but for promoting creativity and social growth as well. With this in mind, many educators are actively seeking out the specialized Montessori training that will help them to do more in the classroom.

Gather Tips from Montessori Albums

Most Montessori teachers who have been around a while have compiled materials and curricula of their own. Thus, they have much to offer the newcomer. Indeed, their Montessori albums can offer hundreds of lesson plans and activity suggestions, ensuring that your material is always fresh and innovative.

One of the central tenets of the Montessori approach is to foster creativity and curiosity in young learners. Teachers must lead by example by offering fun, imaginative classroom activities. Although we may all flag in our creative efforts from time to time, these albums offer the ideal assistance with designing novel, effective classroom activities.

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