Montessori Distance Learning

Written by Tara Peris
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Montessori distance learning is an excellent way for teachers to brush up on old skills, or to learn new techniques altogether. From the comforts of home, it is possible to learn about basic principles of learning theory and how they are borne out in the classroom effectively. This in turn makes for a more rewarding classroom experience for both teachers and students.

Advanced training in any field can be a real nuisance. Sure, all of us would like to learn a bit more about our respective fields, and to stay on top of recent industry developments. However, the challenge of finding the time to do so deters most of us from pursuing advanced training.

Make Things Easy with Montessori Distance Learning

These days, teachers have it easy. Montessori distance learning classes have emerged as a popular and effective alternative to night school. With the full range of course offerings available online or through the mail, teachers can educate themselves with maximal ease and efficiency.

Montessori training is especially amenable to the distance learning model. Much of it involves reading about theoretical principles and teaching philosophy, tasks that may be best accomplished at home. Although lesson plans and teaching activities are also discussed at length, these skills are easy to test out once you are in the classroom. With Montessori methods in particular, there may be little reason to pursue traditional night school certification.

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