Montessori Research And Development

Written by Tara Peris
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Montessori research and development programs have done wonders with revamping the image of the Montessori method. No longer considered offbeat, quirky, or alternative, Montessori is now entering the mainstream as a scientifically supported approach to learning. With backing from educators, scientists, and parents, it is among the fastest growing programs in the country.

It has taken Montessori some time to shake its image of yesteryear. For decades, the program was known for its distinct lack of structure, and for its emphasis on letting children choose their own activities. For those inclined toward traditional learning approaches, Montessori seemed not just progressive, but radical.

The Role of Montessori Research and Development Programs

Montessori research and development programs have targeted these misconceptions directly. With the aid of research conducted by well known researchers in the fields of education and child development, the organization has been able to reframe the Montessori image. Today, Montessori is associated with innovative, scientific approaches to learning.

As research findings are disseminated, the public has begun to clamor for increased access to Montessori methods. No longer the sole domain of private schools, select teaching techniques may now be found in public school settings. Based on early results, one can expect that Montessori methods will continue to make their way further and further into mainstream education.

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