Montessori Resources

Written by Tara Peris
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Montessori resources are known for being stimulating, creative, and fun. However, a common misconception is that they must be fancy, high-tech, or complicated. When it comes to hands-on learning, some of the best activities are simple and straightforward.

The Montessori program is predicated on the concept of experiential learning. That is, children learn by doing. They learn by interacting with their surroundings, and by manipulating and handling objects in their environment. With this in mind, the classroom is designed to be a center of stimulating activity stations.

Developing Montessori Resources

A common concern for both parents and teachers pertains to stocking the classroom. If the goal is to keep children engaged with novel, rewarding activities, how does one pay for extensive activity supplies? Although it is true that developing good Montessori resources requires a substantial investment of time, it need not be the case that it costs a great deal of money. In fact, when well planned, it need not cost anything at all. Part of Montessori training involves preparing the teacher to unleash his or her creativity within the classroom. There are online distance learning programs that teachers can utilize to get a Montessori certification.

Children learn by interacting with all aspects of their environments. Thus, simple household objects become valuable learning tools. It takes some creativity, vision, and experience, but it is possible to make educational activities out of just about any everyday good.

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