Montessori Teacher Education

Written by Tara Peris
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The best Montessori teacher education programs are those that are conducted using a collaborative group format. In keeping with the Montessori philosophy of interactive learning, these types of programs ensure maximum intellectual stimulation and professional growth. Moreover, they foster a community of educators committed to the common cause of scientifically-informed teaching.

Montessori teacher education programs come in all shapes and sizes. A quick search of the Internet is likely to produce hundreds of ads for workshops, seminars, and certification classes. Although experienced Montessori teachers can sift through the rubbish with ease, it is often difficult for new teachers to make heads or tails of what they see.

Choosing Montessori Teacher Education Programs

Although teachers are bound to differ in their format preferences and learning styles, most respond favorably to interactive group format education programs. These seminars have a number of strengths that go well beyond basic didactic training. Critically, they assist with networking and allow new teachers to be mentored by veteran educators.

Collaborative education programs are especially effective for Montessori teachers because of the structure of the average Montessori classroom. Specifically, the need for effective and creative activities can be addressed easily in a group format that allows everyone to share ideas and experiences. Although these types of training programs are not the only way to learn about Montessori teaching, for many instructors, they are the most useful.

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