Telesales Tips / Cold Calling: Methods To Use To Increase Your Telesales Percentages

Written by mrsrjp
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Once well established, many sales professionals can forego cold calling as a means for garnering new sales. However, during unavoidable “dry spells” cold calling is a viable option to obtain new sales. Typically, cold calling is the first sales strategy to get cut from the roster upon achieving enough success to sustain a comfortable level of sales generation.

So, the majority of sales executives will use cold calling as a last option. Why? Most often because of traits that are innate to those who are typically drawn to this profession. Traits like their inability to concentrate on one thing for long periods of time (attention span of a gnat) and their ability to draw just about anyone into a conversation (gift of gab).

These traits invariably are the reason sales professionals have difficulty in staying on track when selling, difficulty increasing sales and difficulty creating a thriving sales generation process.

Character traits such as these are most often the reason measuring cold calling metrics are imperative to cold calling success. If measured and reported often enough (typically weekly) metrics can make it possible to keep sales professionals on a lucrative track, keep them enthused about what they do, keep them focused on their goals and keep them consistently headed in the correct direction.

Sales professionals using high-pressure techniques are typically not successful any more since the very nature of cold calling has evolved quite a bit.

To be successful using cold calling, the sales professional must get the prospect to open up about their financial goals and ultimately schedule a face-to-face meeting to address those goals.

Ultimately cold calling is not the culprit to flagging sales. We most often find that the problem turns out to be the way in which these cold calls are performed. Prospects that have experienced the high-pressure sales call are more prone to be off-put and don’t hesitate to share their opinions with colleagues—leading to sales professionals gaining a bad reputation amongst their target prospects.

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