360 Degree Evaluations

Written by Serena Berger
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360 degree evaluations are the most comprehensive evaluations you can find for management. A good manager will have different skills for the many hats he or she wears within the company. To insure that a manager possesses these necessary traits, and to help him improve throughout his tenure with your company, 360 degree evaluations are one of the best tools you can use.

The idea is that a manager must be evaluated from all relevant perspectives. Typically, an employee review consists of the employee giving feedback to his boss, and the boss giving feedback to that employee. A good manager, however, has important relationships with the many workers she supervises, as well as with peers, making feedback from all of these other people useful and important.

360 Degree Evaluations Administered by Specialized Professionals

360 degree evaluations entail giving questionnaires or review forms to a sampling of people from all the levels and roles with which your manager interacts. An outside firm with expertise in the area of personnel reviews can help you construct the questionnaires and post them in an online format so they will be easy for your employees to answer. All people involved also have greater peace of mind knowing that an unbiased third party is in charge of collecting the results and insuring that they remain anonymous where warranted.

The boss will then be able to use these results to assess the manager's success as a leader, supervisor, communicator, motivator, and general employee. This can be particularly useful for the manager to find out whether her own self-assessment matches up with how others perceive her. With this comprehensive knowledge base, a plan for improvement and even greater success can be realistically formulated and undertaken.

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