360 Degree Feedback

Written by Serena Berger
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360 degree feedback is the most comprehensive managerial evaluation you can get. Named for the fact that the 360 degrees of a circle account for every angle, this feedback system is designed to take every perspective into account. Managers, employees, and bosses can all take an anonymous online survey, and the results will be returned in a form that is easy to understand and use.

What Is Considered in 360 Degree Feedback?

Ideally, a manager will excel in many areas. Communication, leadership, task management, personnel relations, and others are all important. Given the variety of responsibilities of a manager, it is likely that any given person will be stronger in some relevant areas than in others.

360 degree feedback helps a manager compare his or her own self-assessment to that of peers, employees, and upper level management. Being able to address your own areas of weakness based on the clear but private results of an unbiased survey can be one of the gentlest ways to confront the need for change or improvement. You can also find out more about your strengths, in order to enhance those skills.

As with evaluations of any other sort, 360 degree feedback can be used at periodic intervals to assess growth and change. A good manager wants to be upfront and realistic about his or her role in the company, and wants to find the ideal balance between teamwork and leadership. If you are looking for ways to improve management morale and efficiency, a professional consultant or business with expertise in 360 degree evaluation may be able to help you do just that.

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